Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is On the Right Track

In 2015, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure developed a new dri463sa_news5ving program
for Anangu living in the APY and Maralinga Tjarutja Lands. It’s called, On the Right Track Remote. This program is a service to help Anangu get their driver’s licence and offers culturally appropriate information around road safety and driver licensing.

The On The Right Track Remote team visits communities in the Lands, and will help people:

  • find out how to get a driver’s licence
  • get their driver’s licence back if they have had one in the past
  • learn the road rules
  • get driving lessons
  • get driving practice
  • take the test to get a learner’s permit
  • take the test to get a provisional licence.

The team works with people to overcome licensing barriers so they can make progress with getting their driver’s licence and ultimately gain a C-Class licence.

Having a licence can open many doors for people; it can help with getting a job, taking the family to places, helping out in the community and help people to drive safely.

The Program can offer reductions in the cost of getting a driver’s licence. People become clients of the program by filling out and signing a consent form, which is also available through the On the Right Track website. For clients over the age of 20, the team may be able to help with reductions in the number of hours of supervised driving that have to be completed, and/or reducing the amount of time spent on a Learner’s Permit. Each person’s situation is considered on an individual basis.

On the Right Track Remote currently has over 400 people who have registered as clients. To join the program and become a client you will have to fill out a Consent Form. This will let the team check your driving history to make sure the program is right for you.

It’s easy to get involved in the On The Right Track program. You can:

The On the Right Track website has a dedicated area for Aboriginal people living in remote communities and provides more information about the On the Right Track Remote program.  Residents in the Lands are encouraged to visit the website, in particular the remote section, and to also head to the team’s Facebook page, which provides regular updates on the team’s visits to the Lands and safety advice.

For more information, contact the On the Right Track Remote team through email or telephone 1800 768 657.

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