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Posted on 7 March 2014 under Amata, Clearinghouse & Mimili.
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Gleeson cover 250In 2009, the Australian Government established the National Partnership Agreement for Remote Service Delivery (NPA RSD), which focused on 29 Aboriginal communities across Australia, including Amata and Mimili on the APY Lands. 

In order to support and monitor the work of the NPA RSD, the Australian Government appointed Brian Gleeson as the Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services from July 2009 until the end of January 2014.

Brian prepared eight six-monthly reports for the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs on the development and delivery of government services and facilities in the RSD communities.

His reports cover a range of topics including: governance across Anangu communities, improving accountability around government expenditure, progress with the Amata and Mimili Local Implementation Plans, food security, the implementation of the Mullighan Inquiry into child sexual abuse, and access to dialysis services.

The key message of his final report of January 2014 urges the Australian Government to “not press the reset button!” He emphasises that sustainable improvements in remote Aboriginal communities will only be achieved:

if we work together and build on the foundations that have been laid by communities and governments. If we continue to start over again the foundations previously laid will be pulled up time and again, never allowing enough time or energy to build the structure required to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage. There is considerable strength and capability which has been built in working with remote communities that should not be ignored.1


Copies of Brian Gleeson’s reports can be downloaded from this page:

First report – November 2009 (filesize: 2.5MB)

Second report – August 2010 (filesize: 4.7MB)

Third report – March 2011 (filesize: 1MB)

Fourth report – September 2011 (filesize: 2.2MB)

Fifth report – March 2012 (filesize: 770KB)

Sixth report – September 2012 (filesize: 1.4MB)

Seventh report – March 2013 (filesize: 279KB)

Eighth report – October 2013 (filesize: 1.5MB)

Final report – January 2014 (filesize: 519KB)

The Paper Tracker has been monitoring the work and recommendations of the Coordinator General Remote Indigenous Services since June 2009. The Paper Tracker Radio Show recorded interviews with him in November 2011, July 2013 and January 2014.


  1. Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services, Final Biannual Report, January 2014, page 1.
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