Aboriginal Lands Trust Bill introduced into SA Parliament

Posted on 13 September 2013 under Umoona & Yalata.
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umoona_sign_topOn 11 September 2013, the South Australian Government introduced legislation into State Parliament that – if passed – should strengthen the Aboriginal Lands Trust and “unlock the commercial potential” of its 500,000 hectares of land.1

Click here to download a copy of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Bill 2013

Click here to download a copy of the Government’s second reading explanation

Under the proposed legislation, the Aboriginal Lands Trust will be made up of eight Aboriginal members who “collectively have” – in the opinion of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation – “knowledge, skills and expertise” in eight specified areas:

    1. South Australian Aboriginal community life and culture generally,
    2. residential community life and culture on Trust Land,
    3. the management and conservation of natural resources,
    4. the management of agricultural and pastoral land,
    5. commercial enterprise development,
    6. property management and development,
    7. ecologically sustainable development, and
    8. corporate governance and administration.2

The Aboriginal Lands Trust Bill 2013 is the culmination of almost a decade’s work by the Government’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division that included a formal review of the existing Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966.3

The Aboriginal Lands Trust holds the titles to two Anangu communities: Umoona and Yalata.

The Paper Tracker has been monitoring the South Australian Government’s efforts to reform the Aboriginal Lands Trust and its supporting legislation since March 2008. In February 2013, staff from the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division discussed the proposed legislation in an interview recorded for the Paper Tracker Radio Show.


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