The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker E-Newsletter No. 40

Posted on 29 July 2013 under Newsletters.

Welcome to the Paper Tracker’s 40th newsletter.

Hon Ian Hunter MLC

Hon Ian Hunter MLC

Possible review of APY governance: Minister’s visit

Next week, South Australia’s Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister heads up to the APY Lands for a four-day visit. While there, Minister Hunter plans to talk with Anangu about a possible review of APY governance. Read more…

Funding for dialysis in Pukatja

The Australian Government is offering to cover the cost of establishing a dialysis facility on the APY Lands. But there’s a problem. Read more…

Recent radio shows

Since our last newsletter, we’ve broadcast more than 20 interviews on our weekly radio show as a way of getting information out to Anangu in their first languages (Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara).

These interviews have covered a broad range of issues and events including:

Community visits

WATARRU-052205In the first half of this year, we twice visited the APY Lands. Another round of price comparisons confirmed the high cost of shopping in community stores.

The second trip provided an opportunity to visit Watarru, which at that time was very much a ghost-town. Subsequent to our visit, the community’s power supply was restored and the State Government convened a meeting to discuss how and when residents would be able to return home.

Unanswered questions

In April we reported on housing tenancies and rent arrears in Anangu communities. At that time, 60% of the 464 rent payers on the APY Lands and in Yalata were more than four weeks behind in their rent. Recently, we asked Housing SA to update this data. So far this information has not been provided.


Our Facebook page is proving to be a great way to get word out quickly to Anangu and other people in remote communities and to share information more broadly. Typically, we post something every couple of days.

Good News

Many Anangu are working hard to strengthen their communities and to build a better future for themselves. Recent successes include: Rhonda Dick winning the Australia Council’s 2013 Dreaming Award, the Rio Tinto Aboriginal Lands Cup Challenge and the NPY Women’s Council’s nomination for a Deadly Award for Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari.

podcast_multilingualInterviews available through iTunes

All of the interviews featured on our radio show – and available on our website – can now also be downloaded free-of-charge through iTunes. It’s easy to find us. Just enter ‘Anangu’ as a search term in the iTunes store.

A final thought

After a recent APY visit, a question that stuck in our mind was: ‘Why are some essential items, like disposable nappies, so much more expensive in Anangu stores (often more than twice the Adelaide price) when the mark-up on cigarettes is nowhere near as steep?’

The Paper Tracker works hard to provide accurate and up-to-date information. We will correct any inaccurate information as soon as it is brought to our attention. Please contact us if you have additional information or can provide us with an update.