The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker E-Newsletter No. 39

Posted on 15 March 2013 under Newsletters.

Welcome to our new-look newsletter. This is just one of many changes we’ve made to the Paper Tracker project in recent months.

New website

Newsletter39_WebsiteOur new website has been up and running for a week now. Recent radio shows and the latest updates are all available on the homepage.

We’ve restructured the Tracking section around seven key topics: looking ahead, making decisions, employment, food security, housing, kidney disease, and the recommendations of the Mullighan Inquiry.

Notwithstanding these changes, all of the content from the old website has been kept and can still be accessed online.


The Clearinghouse is a new section on our website. This is where we’ll be posting copies of important but often hard-to-find reports and articles of concern to Anangu communities. One of the first documents we’ve posted here is the SA Government’s 2010 proposal to establish market gardens on the APY Lands.

Newsletter39_iTunesInterviews online and podcasts

Since late last year, most of the interviews we’ve recorded for the radio show have been available online in two formats: English with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation, and an English-only version.

From next month, both will also be available as podcasts on iTunes.


The Paper Tracker is now on Facebook! This will allow us to share information more quickly and in a less formal way. We realise communicating on Facebook won’t suit everyone. And it’s possible that this form of social media won’t be a good fit for what we do. Still, given that a large and growing number of Anangu use Facebook to stay in touch, we thought it was something we should explore. Click here to visit our page.

Talking with Anangu

Next week, the Paper Tracker team will be visiting communities on the eastern side of the APY Lands and Umoona in Coober Pedy. The main purpose of the trip is to touch base with Anangu and others about the direction and focus of our work. We’re also planning to have a close look at the cost of selected items sold in local stores. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know where we’ll be or would like to meet up with us.

Desert HealersGood News

A new book from the NPY Women’s Council has just gone on sale around Australia.

Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari unpacks the ancient art of Anangu healing through stories, photographs and beautiful illustrations.

If you’ve got a good news story that celebrates the work and commitment of Anangu we’d love to hear from you so we can share it with our subscribers.

Unanswered questions

Our newsletters will continue to let you know when governments have been slow to answer our questions. Back in early January we asked the SA Government for last year’s attendance rate for Anangu schools. We also requested a copy of a 2011 report into Aboriginal-language interpreter services. To date, none of this information has been provided.

A big thank you

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped us rebuild the website and reshape the work we do. In particular, we’d like to acknowledge the work of Douglas Mann (Rightside Response) and Sue Markotic. We also want to thank Stewart Roper whose striking images of Anangu lands now feature on our website and at the top of our Facebook page.


As always, we’d welcome your feedback about the new website and all of the work we do. There are a number of ways to contact us.


The Paper Tracker works hard to provide accurate and up-to-date information. We will correct any inaccurate information as soon as it is brought to our attention. Please contact us if you have additional information or can provide us with an update.