APY market gardens proposal: November 2010

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Watarru market garden, late 2011

Watarru market garden, late 2011

On 29 November 2010, the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources sent a three-page proposal to the APY Executive Board outlining its plans to establish market gardens and a quandong orchard on the APY Lands.1

On 1 December 2010, the APY Executive Board agreed to support the proposal on the condition that the proposed gardens were only established in homelands.2

On 3 December 2010, the then Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation (Hon Grace Portolesi MP) announced funding for a “food production trial” on the APY Lands that would include raised garden beds in Watarru and Sandy Bore and a quandong plantation at Pipalyatjara.3

Only one of the three locations identified by the Minister is a homeland.

Click here to download a copy of the Department’s proposal (file size: 128KB)


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