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Mobile coverage on APY Lands

In this interview, we find out about the roll-out of mobile phone access across the APY Lands. In November 2017, a Telstra mobile base station was switched on in the Anangu community of Amata on... read on

Ear health and hearing loss

In this week’s interview we talk about middle ear disease (Otitis media) and the dangers of hearing loss and what we can do to improve ear health. We find out about the Aboriginal Ear Health... read on

Aboriginal Community Care and APY elders

In this week’s interview, we talk about the importance of looking after the older people in our community and we focus on elder services and aged care. We find out about the work of Aboriginal... read on

Ombudsman visits APY Lands

In this week’s interview, we talk about the work of the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and their planned visit to the APY Lands. An ombudsman is an independent person who can investigate and sort... read on

Update from Aboriginal Community Connect

In this week’s Anangu Lands Paper Tracker interview, we find out about the work that Aboriginal Community Connect is involved in, and the different services that they provide. Aboriginal Community Connect is a project of... read on

Ombudsman and language interpreting

In this week’s interview, we find out about the work of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and, in particular, the focus of the Social Services, Indigenous and Disability Branch. We learn about how to make a formal complaint... read on

Tribunal can review Centrelink decisions

In this week’s interview, we find out about the situation with Centrelink and people on income benefits receiving automated debt letters, and we hear about some of the options that people have to get help... read on

Centrelink debt letters and what to do

This week’s interview focuses on Centrelink and how people on income benefits may have been affected by the recent automated debt letters that they have been receiving. To find out more about this, we chat... read on

Update from Housing SA

In this week’s interview, we talk with Jude Allen, the Senior Manager for Remote Aboriginal Housing, Strategy and Services at Housing SA. We talk with Jude about the building and maintenance of housing in Anangu... read on

George Masri – Office of Commonwealth Ombudsman

In this interview, we find out about how we can make a formal complaint about a government department or a government official if we believe that they are not carrying out their responsibilities properly or... read on

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