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Recommendations 8 & 16: access to counselling and therapeutic services

The Mullighan Inquiry uncovered disturbing gaps and weaknesses in the delivery of counselling and therapeutic services to Anangu children. In April 2008, it recommended that long-term funding be provided to enable victims of sexual abuse to access appropriate therapeutic services... read on

The State Government’s Preliminary Response to the Mullighan Inquiry

On 24 July 2008, the South Australian Government released its Preliminary Response to the 46 recommendations contained in the report of the Mullighan Inquiry into child sexual abuse on the APY Lands... read on

Recommendation 34: child protection workers

The Mullighan Inquiry identified serious problems with the way suspicions of child sexual abuse on the APY Lands are processed and responded to. The Inquiry concluded that two child protection workers should be based on the Lands... read on

Recommendation 5: school-based social workers

In April 2008, Commissioner Mullighan highlighted the need for more social workers to be based in APY communities to help prevent child sexual abuse and minimise its broader effects... read on

Mullighan Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (APY Lands)

In June 2007, the Parliament of South Australia established an Inquiry into the incidence of child sexual abuse on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands... read on

Yalata: safe housing for women and children escaping family violence

For many years, communities on the west coast of South Australia – including Yalata – called on governments to establish safe houses for Aboriginal women and children escaping family violence. In 2007, the State and Federal Governments agreed to establish two safe houses in Ceduna... read on

APY Lands: inquiry into child sexual abuse

In May 2007, the State Government announced an inquiry into child sexual abuse on the APY Lands. The inquiry was originally expected to finalise its report by the end of 2007... read on

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