Program 101: The 48-week school year

Posted on 28 August 2013 under Radio Programs.
Radio Program 101
Peter Chislett

Peter Chislett

Schools in Yalata, Oak Valley and across the APY Lands will open for an extra eight weeks each year as part of a South Australian Government plan to transform education in Anangu communities

In this program we discuss the how and whys of the “48-week school year” with Peter Chislett, the consultant charged with overhauling Anangu schooling for the SA Department for Education and Child Development

This discussion is part of a much longer interview we recorded with Peter Chislett in late July 2013.

This program is the second of two programs focused on changes to Anangu schooling. In last week’s show, we discussed some of these changes with Makinti Minutjukur and Katrina Tjitayi.

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