Radio Programs

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Our weekly radio show makes it easier to understand what governments are saying and doing in Anangu communities.

Parts of each program are in Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara. Other parts are in English.

The half-hour show is hosted by Rose Lester and Sue Tilley and recorded at Radio Adelaide.

It can be heard online and on metropolitan, regional and remote radio stations.


Program 245: Skillhire and Community Development Program

In this week’s program we find out about SkillHire and its involvement in two Federal Government contracts – the Community Development Program (CDP) and the Remote Schools Attendance Strategy... read on

Program 244: Red Cross and Ceduna Youth Hub

In this week’s program, we find out about the Ceduna Youth Hub that is run through a partnership with the Red Cross. We talk with Brenton Niemz, Red Cross Regional Co-ordinator, and Peter Jericho, Ceduna Youth Hub Co-ordinator... read on

Program 243: George Masri – Office of Commonwealth Ombudsman

In this week’s program we find out about the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and about how people can make a complaint if they have concerns about a government department or the way they’ve been treated by a government official. We chat with Mr George Masri, Senior Assistant Ombudsman in the Social Services, Indigenous and Disability Branch of the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman... read on

Program 242: North West Indigenous Pastoral Project

In this week’s program, we find out about the North West Indigenous Pastoral Project. We hear from Mr Phillip Gee, a consultant working with Rural Solutions and the South Australia Government’s Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA)... read on

Program 241: Jason Downs on Nuclear Engagement Process

In this week’s program, we talk about the South Australia Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission and the community engagement process that’s been taking place since the Commission gave its report to the SA Government in May 2016. We talk with Mr Jason Downs, Leader of Engagement for the Nuclear State-wide Engagement Process... read on

Program 240: Update from Purple House on Pukatja Dialysis

This week’s radio guest is Sarah Brown from Western Desert Dialysis – the Purple House. Sarah talks about the Purple House’s response to the SA Minister for Health’s announcement in Parliament that SA Health now supports having a permanent dialysis facility in Ernabella Pukatja... read on

Program 239: SA Health on dialysis in Ernabella Pukatja

This week’s radio guest is Dr Stephen McDonald, the Clinical Director of Renal Services for the Country Health region of SA Health. We talk with Stephen about recent developments towards establishing a dialysis facility in Ernabella/Pukatja community... read on

Program 234: Odette Gibson (Wardliparingga) on Diabetes

This week’s program focuses on diabetes and we chat with Dr Odette Gibson from the Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit... read on

Program 233: NPY Women’s Council on NDIS

This week’s program is about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and its roll-out across the APY Lands. The interview is with Kim McCrae from the NPY Women’s Council... read on

Program 232: DSD-AAR update from Nerida Saunders

In our program today, we get an update from Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation in the Department of State Development. We talk with Nerida Saunders, the Executive Director of DSD-AAR... read on

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