Radio Programs

caica interview

Our weekly radio show makes it easier to understand what governments are saying and doing in Anangu communities.

Parts of each program are in Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara. Other parts are in English.

The half-hour show is hosted by Rose Lester and Sue Tilley and recorded at Radio Adelaide.

It can be heard online and on metropolitan, regional and remote radio stations.


Program 71: Swimming pools and ear health (part 1)

This program features the first half of an extended interview with Linnett Sanchez, a researcher and audiologist from Flinders University. Linnett discusses the key findings of a three-year investigation to work out if regular access... read on

Program 70: Disability services on Anangu land

Kelly Vincent (Dignity 4 Disability) was elected to the South Australian Parliament in 2010. In this program we talk with Kelly about her recent visit to the APY Lands. We also discuss the new National... read on

Program 69: Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Tjanpi Desert Weavers is a thriving social enterprise that has assisted hundreds of Anangu women to weave and sell glorious baskets and other woven works of art. Tjanpi Desert Weavers recently won the 2012 Deadly... read on

Program 68: Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council

In today’s program we play the first part of an extended interview with David Schomburgk from the Mai Wiru Regional Stores Council. David talks about a recent decision to cut the price of the fruit... read on

Program 67: Bushlight

In today’s program we talk with Jacqui Semmler from Bushlight, an organisation that has been helping Aboriginal communities to access safe, reliable and efficient sources of electricity for over ten years. Jacqui discusses a new... read on

Program 66: Mobile Language Team

In today’s program we play the first part of an extended interview with Karina Lester from the University of Adelaide’s Mobile Language Team. In this part of the interview, Karina talks about a project that... read on

Program 65: UnitingJustice Australia

UnitingJustice Australia is the national justice office of the Uniting Church in Australia. In this program, Rev Elenie Poulos talks with us about some of the way UnitingJustice is working to support the rights of... read on

Program 64: South Australian Constitutional Recognition

In this program, we talk with Mark Waters from Reconciliation SA about the State Government’s move to introduce legislation to formally recognise Aboriginal people in the South Australian constitution.... read on

Program 63: Dr Jonathan Hunt

Dr Jonathan Hunt worked at the Pika Wiya Health Service in Port Augusta for seven years. In this program, we talk with Jonathan about some of the health challenges facing Aboriginal people including diabetes, heart... read on

Program 62: Regional Anangu Services

This program features an interview with Jason Hayward-Jones, the General Manager of Regional Anangu Services (RASAC). Jason talks about the services RASAC delivers to Anangu communities – including waste management and recycling – and how... read on

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