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Our weekly radio show makes it easier to understand what governments are saying and doing in Anangu communities.

Parts of each program are in Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara. Other parts are in English.

The half-hour show is hosted by Rose Lester and Jonathan Nicholls and recorded at Radio Adelaide.

It can be heard online and on metropolitan, regional and remote radio stations.


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Program 208: Jon Whelan (DPTI) on APY Road Upgrade

This week’s Paper Tracker radio show is about the upgrade to the APY Lands Road. It includes an interview with Mr Jon Whelan from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure... read on

Program 207: Update from Steven Marshall

This week’s Paper Tracker radio show includes an interview with the Leader of the South Australia Liberal Party and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Steven Marshall. He talks about his recent visit to the APY Lands and his thoughts about the key issues affecting communities... read on

Program 206: Update from APY General Manager

In this week’s Paper Tracker Radio Show we interview the APY General Manager, Mr Richard King. He talks about the work that he and the APY Executive have been busy with over the past six months... read on

Program 205: Uti Kulintjaku – finding words to express feelings

This week’s Paper Tracker program includes an interview with two women from the NPY Womens Council’s Uti Kulintjaku Project – Renee Kulitja and Angela Lynch. They talk about the importance of finding shared words that describe feelings – this helps people to communicate better... read on

Program 204: Update from Nerida Saunders (DSD-AAR)

In this week’s Paper Tracker Radio Show we get an update from the Executive Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation within the Department for State Development, Nerida Saunders. Nerida talks about a range of issues that affect the lives of Anangu... read on

Program 203: SAPol and new Community Constables

In this week’s Paper Tracker Radio Show we listen to an interview with the SAPol Operations Inspector for the Far North, Mr Ian Humby. He talks about Community Constables and the role of SAPol on the Lands... read on

Program 202: Minister Susan Close on the APY Lands

In this week’s Paper Tracker Radio Show we listen to an interview with the Minister for Education and Child Development, Susan Close. She talks about her recent trip to the APY Lands, the graduation ceremony at the Trade Training Centre, and the opening of the Early Learning Centres in Fregon and Mimili. She also talks about the ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations of the Mullighan Commission of Inquiry... read on

Program 201: Mark Connelly on Umuwa Trade Training Centre

This week’s radio show includes an interview with Mark Connelly, the Manager of the Umuwa Trade Training Centre. Mark talks about the history of the Training Centre and lets us know about the different courses on offer, the number of students who have qualified through the Centre, and the recent graduation ceremony that was held at the Centre... read on

Program 200: Update from Yalata Community – Part 2

In this week’s radio program, we listen to the second part of an interview with people from Yalata Community – Pastor Keith Peters, Pastor Russell Bryant and Greg Franks. They share their thoughts on the trial of the Healthy Welfare Card and reflect on the affects of the nuclear tests across the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands and Yalata Community’s partnership with Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan... read on

Program 199: Update from Yalata Community

In this week’s Paper Tracker Radio Show we listen to the first part of an interview about what’s been happening in Yalata Community. We chat with Pastors Keith Peters and Russell Bryant, and with Greg Franks, the CEO of Yalata Community... read on

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