Radio Interviews

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The Paper Tracker Radio Show features interviews with key people and organisations.

The full interviews are posted on this page as separate sound recordings. They can be listened to online or downloaded to a computer or portable device.

Since 2012, most interviews have been available in two formats:

  • English with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation, and
  • an English-only version.


Justice reinvestment to reduce incarceration

In this week’s interview, we find out about justice reinvestment. We find out what it is, what it involves, and the reasons for developing this different approach to dealing with crime and with supporting people... read on

Update from Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

In this week’s interview, we talk with the leader of the South Australian Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition, Mr Steven Marshall. Mr Marshall is also the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation.... read on

Life at Wiltja Secondary College

In this week’s interview, we find out about the Wiltja Secondary College in Adelaide. We talk about the academic side of the College as well as the residential boarding facilities. We talk with Dan Bleby... read on

Looking after our ears

In this interview, we talk about our ears and how healthy or unhealthy they might be and what we can do to improve our ear health. We find out about the long-term effects of having... read on

Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation – No to sugar!

Today’s interview focuses on what we eat and how it affects our health. In particular, we’ll be continuing our focus on sugar and its effect on our health and wellbeing. In a previous interview with... read on

Ear health and hearing loss

In this week’s interview we talk about middle ear disease (Otitis media) and the dangers of hearing loss and what we can do to improve ear health. We find out about the Aboriginal Ear Health... read on

Bruce Pascoe and ‘Dark Emu’

In this interview, we talk with Bruce Pascoe, who is the author of a number of books, including ‘Convincing Ground’ and ‘Dark Emu – Black Seeds: Agriculture or accident?’ These books focus on the significance of... read on

Art auction for APY dialysis centre

In this week’s interview, we talk with Sarah Brown, the Chief Executive Officer of Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku, also called the Purple House. The Purple House provides renal dialysis services across remote communities... read on

Ara Irititja holds Anangu stories

In this week’s interview, we focus on history and on ways to keep history and people’s stories alive. We talk about looking after all the information and the records that help to tell the story... read on

Bikes Palya! Bikes are great!

In this week’s interveiw, we find out about a great project called, ‘Bikes Palya’ – meaning, ‘Bikes are great’! Bikes Palya is a program for young people and communities across the APY Lands. It includes... read on

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