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caica interview

The Paper Tracker Radio Show features interviews with key people and organisations.

The full interviews are posted on this page as separate sound recordings. They can be listened to online or downloaded to a computer or portable device.

Since 2012, most interviews have been available in two formats:

  • English with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation, and
  • an English-only version.


Treaty Discussions for South Australia

This week’s interview focuses on treaties. We talk about what they are and about the current discussions in South Australia about a possible treaty or treaties between the Government and South Australian Aboriginal peoples. A... read on

Eva Cox on the Cashless Debit Card

This week’s interview is about the Cashless Debit Card that is being trialled in communities in the West Coast of South Australia, around the Ceduna area, and in the communities of Kununurra and Wyndham in... read on

April Lawrie talks about Language Framework

In this week’s interview, we find out about the importance of language and about learning languages and how this fits into the school curriculum. To find out more about this important topic, we talk with... read on

Prof Hugh Taylor on Trachoma

In this week’s interview, we talk about eye health and ways to keep our eyes healthy and strong. We find out about Trachoma, which is an eye infection that can cause blindness; and we learn... read on

Indigenous Advisory Council

In this week’s interview, we talk about the Prime Minister’s new Indigenous Advisory Council. On 8th February this year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Senator Nigel Scullion announced changes to... read on

Greg Wilson on languages and interpreting

In this week’s interview, we talk about Aboriginal languages and the importance of keeping languages alive. We also focus on why it’s so important that people have access to a language interpreter if they need... read on

Update on APY Executive Elections

In this week’s interview, we focus on the upcoming elections for the APY Executive Board which will be held on 5th April this year. We talk with the Deputy Electoral Commissioner of the Electoral Commission... read on

Empowered Communities

In this week’s interview, we talk about a national initiative called ‘Empowered Communities’. To find out more about Empowered Communities, we chat with Peter Riley, the Executive Manager of the Empowered Communities Secretariat for the... read on

Rheumatic Heart Disease

In this week’s interview, we talk about Rheumatic Heart Disease which is an illness that is 100% preventable, and that has mostly been eliminated from developed countries. However, Australia has the highest rate of rheumatic heart... read on

Chief Justice on incarceration rates

In this week’s interview, we talk about the high number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are caught up in the prison and justice systems. We hear about the difference in the rate... read on

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