Radio Interviews

caica interview

The Paper Tracker Radio Show features interviews with key people and organisations.

The full interviews are posted on this page as separate sound recordings. They can be listened to online or downloaded to a computer or portable device.

Since 2012, most interviews have been available in two formats:

  • English with Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara interpretation, and
  • an English-only version.


Interview with Dr Simon Wooley

Simon Wooley works as a dentist on the APY Lands. In this interview, he talks about a new federally-funded mobile dental van and how it will strengthen the way dental services are provided in APY... read on

Interview with the South Australian Education Department

Keith Darwin works for the State Education Department. His current role is to manage the building of a multi-million dollar residential trade training centre on the APY Lands. The centre, which is being built at... read on

Interview with the Federal Minister for Indigenous Health (Hon Warren Snowdon MP)

Warren Snowdon is the Australian Government’s Minister for Indigenous Health. In 2010, he commissioned research into the delivery of renal services in Central Australia, with the final report being released in June 2011. In this... read on

Interview with the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) gathers information on each person in Australia via a national Census. In this extended interview, ABS staff (Caroline Deans and Ivan Copley) explain how information for... read on

Interview with the Hon. Lyn Breuer MP

Lyn Breuer is the first woman Speaker of the South Australian Parliament. Her electorate covers more than half of South Australia, including Umoona and all of the communities located on the APY and Maralinga Tjarutja... read on

Interview with Khatija Thomas

Khatija Thomas works for the South Australian Government as a Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement.  This role includes providing independent advice to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation on issues affecting Aboriginal people. In this... read on

Interview with Dr Kirrily Jordan

Dr Kirrily Jordan is a Research Fellow with the Australian National University’s Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research. In this extended interview, Dr Jordan discusses the impact of the 2009 changes to the CDEP program... read on

Interview with Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown manages the Western Desert Dialysis project, an organisation focused on addressing the dialysis needs of Pintupi people in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. In this interview, Sarah talks about the benefits and... read on

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